Weird Places Around The World: Paris Catacombs

Are you just plain tired of the usual tourist stops? Are you looking for something strange or unusual to add that special something to your vacation plans? Then this is the place for you . . . 

The Catacombs of Paris are actually underground ossuaries situated in Paris, France.  They contain the physical remains of corpses in a certain section of Paris’ network of tunnels which were originally constructed to join the country’s old quarry.  After the collapse of multiple basement walls in the Saint Innocents-cemetery-quarter in 1774, prep work on this ossuary began.  

This ossuary was meant to help end the overflow of Paris cemeteries.  Every night, from some time in 1786, covered wagons transported the remains of the dead from the city’s cemeteries to a specific open mine shaft close to the Rue de la Tombe-Issoire.  Here are some interesting facts about the catacombs:

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