Want To Swim With Whale Sharks?

whale sharks
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The sharks they howled along with me–Bat For Lashes, “Seal Jubilee” (2006)

Want to swim with whale sharks?

If you want to swim with whale sharks, Cancun, Mexico is the place to do it. Plan now because from June to September every year the Riviera Maya and Cancun host a tour. Here are some things to know prior to going:

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Whale Sharks Are Not Both

Whale sharks are not whales at all. They are just sharks. Although they have literally thousands of teeth, they are nothreat to people.

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Whale Sharks Are Not Dangerous

Although they have huge mouths and all those teeth, they are no danger to humans. Their diet is actually limited to very tiny microorganisms. Besides, they cant swim (on average) faster than three m.p.h. and are used to swimming alongside people and are thus generally docile.


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The Largest Shiver Of Sharks Anywhere

Experts state that the largest congregation of whale sharks can be found nowhere else but off the coast of Cancun. For a number of years now, literally hundreds of these creatures have been spotted at Las Afueras (the outer areas).

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Rules For Swimming With Whale Sharks

It is indeed very safe to go and swim with the sharks. Nevertheless, there are still some rules one must know before diving in. The rules actually exist more to protect and conserve the species than to protect the swimmers.

For example, swimmers are not allowed to touch the sharks.

They must swim no closer than two meters away from their heads and four meters away from their tails.

All swimmers must follow all the guides directions.

The guides tell swimmers everything they need to know about swimming with the whale sharks prior to the activity in order to ensure that the experience is not only fun and memorable but also safe.

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