Ukrainian Pilot Heroically Saves Aircraft After Major Hail Storm

Hats off to a very amazing Ukrainian pilot flying an Airbus A320 for Atlasglobal, named Alexander Akopov made a heroic landing at the Turkish airport “Ataturk”, after hail smashed the nose of the aircraft and the front windows of the cockpit while cruising. As you will see in the video below the aircraft took on serious damage to the front of the aircraft and windshield. Thankfully the pilot was able to land the aircraft safely.

The highly skilled pilot was able to use a “blind” landing technique to land the plane, using instruments to guide him as the plane’s autopilot was also damaged by hail. The hail also left dents on the nose of the aircraft.

There were 121 passengers onboard and 6 crew members. All of which were happy to be back on the ground safely after the mishap.

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