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The Top 10 Worst People On Your Plane

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Passengers without a choice, slowly turning grey/On through the night . . . Going insane as we ride—Accept, “Time Machine” (2010)

All men may very well be created equal but not all terrible plane passengers are equally terrible.

There are reportedly varying degrees of how terrible an individual can be.  Veteran flyers confirm that these levels of “terrible” are especially apparent when you are trapped on a plane for literally hours at one time.   Expedia’s  yearly “Airplane Etiquette” study utilized the survey results of over 1,000 US passengers, determined the ten worst types of passengers onboard a plane.  Here then, are the “Top 10” worst people to sit next to on the plane:

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10. “Pungent Foodie”

People who have strong-smelling food annoy 30 percent of plane passengers.

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9. “Armrest Hog”

This passenger is deemed terrible by 34 percent of the passengers surveyed.  

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8. “Seat-Back Guy”

35 percent of passengers said the person who puts their seat back right after the plane takes off is terrible.  

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7. “Line Jumper”

35 percent of passengers stated the person who can’t wait for his/her turn and jumps the line is loathsome.  

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6. “Chatty Cathy”

Next up is the passenger who simply can’t take a hint and talks the entire flight.

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5. “The Boozer”

Almost half the respondents voted the drunkard into the top five for “horrible company” (while conscious anyway).

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4. “Audio Insensitive”

That passenger who talks too loudly or cranks up his/her music too high scored the scorn of 49 percent of flyers.  

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3. “Aromatic Passenger”

These pungent passengers produce profane personal odors from their bodies or perhaps perfume.  55 percent proclaimed these people putrid.  

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2. “Inattentive Parents”

59 percent pointed their flying fingers at parents who permitted their children to behave badly onboard planes.  (We assume this includes the “classic” crying baby.)  

And the “winner” is . . .

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1. “Rear Seat Kicker”

Finally, 64 percent of travelers say the plane would be better off without the misbehaving, unmonitored seat-kicking kid.  

Some highlights from previous years via Jimmy Kimmel:


  1. People who move your stuff in the overhang bins far away from where you are sitting, and place what should be checked baggage in those bins.


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