Top 10 Unusual Cities In The US

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Welcome to the world, oh yeah/A very unusual place–Sister Hazel, “Green (Welcome to the World),” (2007)

Weird can be fun.  Veteran travelers were surveyed on everything from the population to the shops to determine the most unusual cities.  Here they are:


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10. New York City, New York

Highlights include the Coney Island Circus Sideshow and the Elevator Historical Society.  Grab a drink and enjoy the (ahem) strangers as NYC ranks high for people watching.


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9. Seattle, Washington

Oddities include a summer solstice nude bike ride, and Norm’s Eatery & Ale House where canines can keep you company at your table.


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8. Kansas City, Missouri

The 1950s All-Electric House provides a vintage perspective of how people imagined the future.  Other oddities include the Arabia Steamboat Museum and the coffee stop Oddly Correct.


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7. Baltimore, Maryland

See Atomic Books where John Waters picks up his fan mail, The Wire, and the Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum, too.


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6. San Francisco, California

Highly-rated cocktail lounges make people-watching great.  Other than the art, there’s crazy, crooked Lombard Street and Alcatraz prison.


Image: ABQ Trolley Co.

5. Albuquerque, New Mexico

New Mexico is more than Breaking Bad.  It’s the ABQ Trolley Company’s BaD Tour, enjoying a faux-meth-sprinkled donut at Rebel Donuts and the former psychiatric hospital Hotel Parq Central.


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4. Providence, Rhode Island

Don’t miss the Trinity Repertory Theatre, the Big Nazo Theater’s giant puppet plays, and give a listen to the Extraordinary Rendition marching band.


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3. Portland, Oregon

This hipster mecca includes MadeHere PDX which sells everything from “mustache wax… [to] a wood-and-leather six-pack holder for cyclists.”  Also, see the Shanghai Tunnels with its eerie (possibly embellished) history.


Image: Flickr/John R. Rogers Photography

2. Austin, Texas

Check out the Alamo Drafthouse, and Shiner Bock cinemas, the Javelina bar which hosts live armadillo races, and the Sfanthor wax museum that focuses on fantasy, horror, and sci-fi.


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1. New Orleans, Louisiana

The non-stop festivals, voodoo shops, and “jubilant funerals” are what took this city to the top.  People watch from the relative safety of a NOLA Social Ride.

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