Places You Can Make A Difference This Holiday Season

Help others with your holiday season travel dollars

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Tragic events can cause people to shy away from travel.  Even places not directly impacted by a disaster are often avoided because some travelers loosely associate them with wherever trouble has occurred.  Impacted areas need more visitors after a disaster, not less.  After all, travel is the world’s largest industry.

What better time to visit and share the love than during the holidays?  You’ll have a great seasonal getaway, and help those whose lives are dependant on tourism.  Here then, according to our professional travel advisors, are some of the best places to book now.

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Mexico City

Despite a 7.1 earthquake in September, the top hotels,   Las Alcobas, the Four Seasons, and St. Regis, are available for the holidays free of “minimum-stay requirements.”  Visit the hard-hit Condesa neighborhood and see the now famous mural of Frida, the rescue dog whose heroic efforts captured hearts.

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St Barths

Weeks after surviving Hurricane Irma, St. Barths is “back in business.”  Eden Rock Villa Rental’s exclusive villas, complete with their expert butlers, chefs, and concierges, is waiting to welcome tourists.  Nearly all the hot spots and pristine beaches will be ready for the season.  (Some are already open).  


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St. Kitts

Lots of people think that St. Kitts, being so close to St. Martin, was trashed by Irma.  Untrue.  The new Park Hyatt St. Kitts opened just weeks ago on Banana Beach.  It features 126 rooms, two restaurants, a spa, and a health club.  Beachside King rooms are still available for the holiday season.   

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Turks & Caicos

The Turks and Caicos Tourism Board reports the restaurants and resorts (including Amanyara, Grace Bay Club, Parrot Cay, The Regent Palms, and The Shore Club) will be ready.  Visiting this holiday season will not only allow visitors to enjoy the full festive experience but will also provide the locals with the tourism revenue to rebuild their lives.


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