Middle East Garden Among Best in World

A small country on the tip of the Arabian Peninsula is known for its grandeur and world record achievements. The United Emirates home to one of the Middle East crown jewels, Dubai is a city known for its extreme attractions. But, one attraction really defies the odds. The Dubai Miracle Garden lives up to its name in the vast Arabian desert.

The garden itself offers a wide variety of flower exhibits including Flower model of an Emirates Airliner, Dutch windmills, pyramids and influence from other global hotspots like Paris and Egypt.

The garden itself took 60 days and 400 people to build, where more than 60 different varieties of flowers, including those like petunias and geraniums that are rare to the Middle East, thrive.

The garden flourishes thanks to an irrigation system that re-uses waste water through drip irrigation, using materials like capillary mats and polymers to retain and distribute the water, Abdel Nasser Y. Rahhal of Akar Landscaping Services and Agriculture told NBC.

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