The Most Extreme Halloween Attractions In America

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It’s grotesque, a twisted burlesque/A gruesome Halloween–The Mission UK, “Grotesque” (2007)

Do you have a perverse penchant for zombies, monsters, and other creepy creatures?

Tired of half-@ssed, Halloween haunted houses staffed with corny creeps who aren’t even permitted to put a paw on you?  Do you want much more gore, evil assaults, and physiological torture?  Check out this list of the most extreme Halloween attractions in the United States. 



New York City/Los Angeles/Chicago

Guests sign a waiver prior to entering this 18-and-older haunted house due to the reported “extreme horror, adult sexual content, tight spaces, darkness, fog, strobe light effects, exposure to water, physical contact”, etc.  Veterans have stated they’ve  had things forced into their mouths, been fake-waterboarded, grossly groped, and even subjected to a shower of faux urine.  You enter and exit alone.  Cry out the safe word if you get too scared.  


2. Cutting Edge

Fort Worth, Texas

This haunted hacienda also preys upon the phobias of their visitors.  What makes this putrid place unique is guests must suffer an hour-long terror trek.  It has been deemed the world’s longest walk through a haunted house.  Every rancid room is a new scary sick scenario that brings to life one’s worst fears including, unsurprisingly, claustrophobia.  


3. Freakling Bros: Gates of Hell

Las Vegas, Nevada

Experience a terrifying taste of what evil occurred at the Gates of Hell.  Known as a “victim experience”, survivors say they have experienced electrical shocks, a fire-breathing clown that bites the ears of assorted unsuspecting guests, and anonymous attackers that have knocked down random victims and dragged them down darkened hallways.


4. Haunted Hoochie at Dead Acres

Pataskala, Ohio

A sign clearly warns all potential visitors that if you dare to step foot on Dead Acres you run the “risk of physical and emotional injury.” One online critic adds that those who dare to enter  this evil attraction “will be touched, shoved, and probably have a chainsaw come in contact with [their] legs as well.”     


5. McKamey Manor

San Diego, California

This 21-and-over, full immersion haunted house requires all guest to sign a waiver because the experience includes water, fake blood and “extreme physical contact.”  Horrid house guests may find themselves being blinded and silenced with duct tape or shoved into a giant clothes dryer.  This is yet another place where one is given and safe word to use if they become too frightened to finish the terrible tour.


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