The Coolest Restaurants In The World

coolest restaurants
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Can I take you to a restaurant?–The English Beat, Mirror In The Bathroom (1980)

Looking for more than just a meal during your travels?

We researched international eateries wherein the overall experience -not just the menu–is unique. Here are the coolest restaurants in the world:


12.The Human Banquet, Japan

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Would you prefer a breast or a thigh? Feast like a cannibal on a pinata-like body wheeled to you on a gurney.  (This place is a cut above the rest.)


11.Kayabukiya Tavern, Japan

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Tokyos Kayabukiya Tavern is worth the trip just to be served drinks by two Japanese Macaque monkeys. Theyre certified employees named Fuku-chan and Yat-chan. Theyre paid in soya beans, not yen. (Rumor has it they’ll soon be opening a bar that employs pachyderms. After all, they work for peanuts.)


10. Heart Attack Grill, Nevada

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Vegas HAG features hospital-inspired decor and uniformed nurse-waitresses. Order their famous Quadruple Bypass Burger. If you can consume this heart-attack-waiting-to-happen entree, your meal is gratis and theyll wheel you out in a wheelchair too. (Get a free meal if you weigh over 350 pounds!)


9.Pyongyang, China

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Named after the North Korean capital, this chain s managed by the North Korean government. Its expanded beyond the China-North Korean border. (Rumor has it the new mascot will have a modified Moe Howard haircut.)


8.El Diablo, Teguise

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Located on an island just off the coast of Spain, ED is located on an active volcano. Every hot dish is cooked by the volcanos heat.

7.Conflict Kitchen, Pennsylvania

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This aptly named Pittsburgh beanery only serves dishes from countries that are currently in conflict with the U.S.

6.Isdaan, Philippines

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This restaurant is north of Manila. Guests are encouraged to shatter plates and even TVs against the walls prior to eating.


5.Ogori Cafe, Japan

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This eaterie follows the Ogori System. In English ogori means to treat. Thus you order dinner not for yourself but the next person.


4.Kalin Tavern

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This 200-plus-year-old tavern is located on the border between Croatia and Slovenia. The borders marked by a yellow line. Have a beer while standing in both countries.


3.Dinner on the Titanic, Australia

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Travel a century backward and halfway around the planet to enjoy dinner on the maiden voyage of the ill-fated RMS Titanic.


2.Ithaa, Maldives

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Submerged mere meters beneath the Indian Ocean, this restaurant brings new meaning to the word seafood as it features panoramic views of the coral reef.

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1.Disaster Cafe, Spain

At the Disaster Cafe, they really shake things up. Each meal comes with a guaranteed full-strength 7.8 earthquake.

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