Best Places To Visit In October

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And this time/I’ve got October on my mind–Little Cub, “October” (2017)

What are the best places to visit in October?

October is a beautiful month to travel.  Enjoy the many colors, scents, and sights of the season before the winter holidays necessarily commandeer your end-of-the-year travel plans.  The teeming summer tourists have taken their leave although you may have to occasionally contend with a few foliage-foraging travelers.  Taking online indicators into consideration, here are the Best Places to Visit in October:

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6. Istanbul, Turkey

In October Istanbul has fewer crowds, low prices, and great weather.  Check out the new art scene in the Beyoğlu district.  Stay at the Soho House Istanbul which features a rooftop pool, three restaurants, and the exclusive Embassy Club.

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5. Charlottesville, Virginia

Veteran visitors say Charlottesville is the perfect place to experience the season’s charms.  The small town has an “old-timey” touch to it that seamlessly blends into the autumnal October colors.  Hike through the neighboring Shenandoah National Park or tour the local vineyards.  Make plans as soon as you can since the University of Virginia has homecoming events late in the month.

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4. Acadia National Park, Maine

The best time to experience the Acadia National Park in all its natural beauty is in October.  High atop its mountains and all along its coast the park is veiled with vibrant fall foliage.  Additionally, as of October 7, the tallest peak on the North Atlantic seaboard, Cadillac Mountain, will be the first spot to see the sunrise in the U.S.

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3. Kyoto, Japan

Among the beautiful pavilions, shrines, and temples, October brings bright red and orange-tinted trees as well.   See the leaf-lined view from the verandah of the Kiyomizu Temple nestled at the top of the calming Otowa Mountain then enjoy a contemplative walk along the tree-lined Philosopher’s Walk.  

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2. Vienna, Austria

The soon-to-be-famous annual Long Night of Museums in early October puts Vienna on this list too.  Take in the culture and wander through the galleries and museums until 1:00 a.m.  There are fewer tourists at this time of year thus you spend less time in lines and have more time to meet the locals and take in the culture.

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1. Santorini, Greece

Once October hits, Santorini’s infamously profusely packed peak tourist season is finished.  Now the clever visitor can comfortably walk the Greek isle’s compact streets, and fully enjoy the multi-storied wineries, and the beautiful beaches with temperatures still in the 70s and 80s.   


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