Best Bridges To Visit In The World

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We build bridges/Oh, we build bridges–Fifth Harmony, “Bridges” (2017)

What are the best bridges in the world?

We’ve bridged the gap from the Far East to North America to bring you a few of the best bridges built anywhere on earth.  Enjoy our abridged bridge countdown and marvel at these iconic structures:


Image: Wikipedia

5. Firth of Forth Bridge

Queensferry, Scotland

This bridge, constructed in the 1890s, was the first one to be built mainly of steel.  It contains nearly 54,000 tons of steel and is reportedly held together with more than 7 million rivets.  One of the world’s strongest bridges, it was designed for railroad loading.  It continues to support as many as 180 trains daily carrying passengers from Glasgow to Edinburgh and everywhere in-between. 


Image: Wikipedia

4. Tower Bridge

London, England

A crown jewel of UK tourist attractions, the bridge was built in 1894 at an expense of 1 million pounds.  It’s mainly made of Portland stone and Cornish granite.  The London Bridge had become too congested and crossing the Thames River was so difficult the city decided to build another bridge. 


Image: Wikimedia Commons

3. Sunshine Skyway Bridge

St. Petersburg, Florida

Opened in 1987, this is the world’s fifth-largest cable-stayed bridge and runs for four miles.  The structure includes 36 “dolphins,” that guard the support columns from accidental impacts from boats.  It can endure an impact from a vessel weighing as much as 87,000 tons. 


Image: Wikimapia

2. Akashi Kaikyo Bridge

Kobe, Japan

This bridge crosses the Akashi Strait at a span of almost two and a half miles.  The towers are 92 stories high (nearly as high as the Eiffel Tower).   9 million cars cross its six-lane freeway.  It was constructed under severe weather conditions including tsunamis and typhoons, too.


Image: Pixabay

1. Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco, California

You can park 40 jumbo jets along the length of this bridge that spans the bay separating Marin County from San Francisco.  Opened in 1937, it cost $26 million to build.   The world’s seventh-largest suspension bridge’s roadway is 220 feet above the harbor.

The towers, set 4,200 feet apart, are more than two and a half times as high as the U.S. Capitol building.  They lean six inches outward to create tension on the 80,000 miles of wire in the cables.  A custom-made paint, enough to coat the White House almost 18 times, keeps the steel safe from the corrosive air of the sea.

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