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    5 Must-Do Experiences In Mexico City

    Going to Mexico?  If so, make sure to check out Mexico City.  Whether you’re into architecture or colorfully-clad men grappling with each other, Mexico City has something for everyone.  Here are five must-see sights and experiences: More

  • Museo Frida Kahlo

    The Frida Kahlo Museum located in Coyoacan is ensconced on some beautiful property.  The late Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, was a local artist and remains a hometown hero.  Her former home provides visitors with a true insight into her art, her clothing, her politics, her personal relationships and even how she dealt with her numerous […] More

  • Xochimilco

    Take a day trip outside of the inner city to the borough of Xochimilco.  Famous for its flower market, you can take in the scents then ride a trajinera along the pre-Hispanic era canals and artificial islands called chinampas.  Floating food vendors and mariachis fill out the experience.   MoreReport Item navigation Previous submission Next […] More

  • Pujol

    This restaurant ranked 17th on Restaurant magazine’s Best Restaurants In The World in 2013.  Enrique Olvera, the best chef in Mexico, transforms ingredients from the maize field into previously unknown dishes.  He created the “liquid quesadilla.”  Olvera makes cappuccinos with squash flower, huitlacoche and mushroom, requesón, epazote, and coconut milk.  Make reservations early!   MoreReport […] More

  • Luis Barragán House

    Luis Barragán is sometimes referred to as “the Frank Lloyd Wright of Mexico.”  The Barragán House, once his home, is now a museum.  It is located in the Tacubaya neighborhood.  Open for tours, it’s a World Heritage Sites according to the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization ).  MoreReport Item navigation Previous submission […] More

  • Arena México

    Attend a lucha libre match at the Arena México.   Lucha libre is a live spectacle complete with bikini-clad cuties announcing the rounds, wrestlers, referees, promoters and lucha-masked and costumed wrestlers in dramatized disagreements overrule violations.  Purchase a lucha mask, poster, figurine or t-shirt from one of the numerous vendors outside the arena.  MoreReport Item […] More

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    6 More Abandoned Movie Sets You Can Still Visit

    There are abandoned vestiges of numerous film sets around the world that movie buffs can visit.  Some, are in ruins.  Others have been comparatively well-preserved.  Here are six more of the abandoned, famous film sets you can still visit. More

  • The 12 Monkeys’ Set At Eastern State Penitentiary

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania The ESP once held Al Capone.  When the folks behind the Bruce Willis movie needed a post-apocalyptic set though, this long-closed and dilapidated prison fit the bill perfectly.  Today you can enjoy a Steve Buscemi-narrated audio tour of the place. MoreReport Item navigation Previous submission Next submission View full list More

  • The Fugitive’s Bus Scene

    Dillsboro, North Carolina You can see the famous stretch of the Smoky Mountain Railroad filmed an iconic Harrison Ford scene.  In fact, what remains of the bus and train are reportedly still there by the tracks. MoreReport Item navigation Previous submission Next submission View full list More

  • Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters’ Village

    Augsburg, Germany In the woods mere miles outside of Berlin, is what is left of the town square and (fake) well from the 2013 motion picture.  (Avoid any gingerbread houses.) MoreReport Item navigation Previous submission Next submission View full list More

  • Field of Dreams Baseball Field

    Dubuque County, Iowa The folks who made the 1989 Kevin Costner movie built an actual baseball field on the site of what was once a real farm.  It’s still there and open to anyone who wants to run the bases or sit there hoping to catch a glimpse of the “Ghost Players” play. MoreReport Item […] More

  • The Patriot’s Old Spanish Mission

    Cypress Gardens, South Carolina Several movies, including The Notebook, have been shot on this 170-acre preserve.  The 2000 film, The Patriot, is perhaps one of the most notable ones.  Following the official wrap, sections of the movie’s bridge and church. After it wrapped, pieces of a (fake) church and bridge were left there.  (Note: Recent […] More

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