5 of America’s Best Cities For Coffee

Coffee time/My dreamy friend/It’s coffee time--Natalie Cole, “Coffee Time” (2008)

Whether you enjoy carbonated iced coffee, coffee from single-origin beans, or a more customized cup of coffee, it’s time to toast the five top caffeinated cities in the US.  This is for those who savor espresso the way wine aficionados swirl and sniff a fine Cabernet.  Read on for the scoop on the best coffee in America.

#1 Portland, Oregon

This Northwest metropolis is famous for Stumptown Coffee Roasters (expanding beyond state borders now) and the local faves Coava, a popular single-origin roaster complete with Zen-enhanced Brew Bar.  Stop by the micro-roaster Water Avenue Coffee, which sells $1 sidecar shot of espresso and barrel-aged coffees like Pinot Noir and Oak. 

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