5  Best Jobs For People Who Love To Travel

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Traveling solves everything/Traveling’s a blessed thing–Violent Femmes, “Traveling Solves Everything” (2016)

Do you love to travel?  Why not make it your career?

If there’s no money tree in your backyard but you love to travel, fret not.  Why not get paid to travel?  Read on and discover five of the best travel jobs out there.


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5. International Tour Director/ Tour Guide

Tour directors work out the logistics of tours.  Guides lead groups around sites.  Both work in all the major tourist destinations.  Get paid to learn about new places and meet new people.


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4. ESL Teacher

This position may require a bachelor’s degree and special certification depending on the location.  Asian countries pay the best and have the highest demand.  There’s a “solid demand” in Europe and Central America too.  


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3. Government Employee

If you have an interest in public service and foreign affairs, consider being a foreign service officer.  Once you pass the Foreign Service officer exam you’ll have great benefits, pay and job security.  You don’t get much say in where you work but you will travel.


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2. Flight Attendant/Cruise Ship Employee

To be a flight attendant you need experience in customer service.  You’ll work crazy hours, live a fast-paced lifestyle and possibly end up in a different location every night.  You’ll also travel and get you and your friends and family members steep discounts.

Cruise ship employees serve in numerous jobs such as bartenders, broadcast and sound technicians, childcare workers, cooks, dancers, electricians, hotel managers, and servers.  Accommodations and meals are free too in this competitive industry.


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1. Freelance Writer/Photographer/Anything

Forbes reports the “gig economy” is reported to be “on the rise,”  This means that people such as freelance writers and photographers can be “location” dependent.  They are not tied down to living in one specific place to work and earn a living.


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