3 Tips That’ll Change How You Look At Traveling Alone

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Well, I always had a taste for traveling alone–Tift Merritt, “Traveling Alone” (2012)

“To awaken alone in a strange town is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world.” – Freya Stark

There might be a few moments when you feel odd traveling single.  You know, when you go home for the holidays still single and are interrogated by your family about why you are not coupled up yet.

Nevertheless, there are definite advantages to traveling by yourself.  If you’ve always dreaded flying solo perhaps you don’t have the right perspective.  Here then are some quick tips to help you not only deflect but even embrace the idea of being your own travel companion.

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“Just hop on the bus, Gus . . .”

Use public transportation.  It doesn’t matter where you are.  Most people riding along with you will be sitting in silence.  You will feel a connection with these other singles travelers and if you look around you might also be entertained by what you see.  After all, without a travel partner, the locals will get your full attention and you’ll get a real feel for the community you are visiting.


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“Go Out”

Go Out!  Escape the norm.  Explore.  Go places you would never go if you were not alone.  Experiment.  Try things you would not dare to try if you were not flying sans traveling partner.   


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“Take It Easy”

Taking your vacation alone can be the ultimate expression of self-indulgence.  You might get lonely but you are the one calling the shots.  Make your own itinerary or play it totally by ear.  

Lounge on the beach every day and hit a new local hot spot every night.  Meet someone new.  Buy your new friend a drink and see if it leads to dinner and breakfast too.   It’s simply a matter of attitude.  Just go!    


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